Saturday, April 8, 2017

About convex Flanges

You may wonder if you need a different type of pouch or flange as time goes on, since there may be changes to the stoma over time. Convex is a different kind of pouching and flange as well, and it’s made to correct some of the issues with ostomies, with the most common problem being leakages that happen. You have a lot of options to choose the convexity of pouches and flanges, but it’s important to make sure that the convex pouch matches the stoma that you have and the contours and skin. There are a rage of products, and we’ll get into that here. 

About Flanges 

Flanges are skin barriers, as you probably know. They usually are either flex or convex. Flat means that when you seethe barrier from a side profile, it’s incredibly flat in the way that it looks, without any bulges or anything else that’s sticking out. Convex of course, means that there is some protrusion that goes from the sticky side, which is usually used for those that don’t sit flat. 

Stomas usually have some bit of sticking out and have a middle opening that’s right above the level of the skin. There are some contours, but usually they’re flat. Regardless of where this position is, usually this is how flat flanges, and for the most part, people who have a stoma use this. If you start to notice that there are contours and problems causing issues with adhesion, you may need to correct this with a convex pouching system. 

That’s because when it protrudes to the back parts of your flange, it puts pressures on the skin surrounding the stoma, causing changes to this part of this body. Usually, the changes involve the way that the seal sits, so if you’re told you need to change this because your stoma adhesion is affecting how the pouch sits and is leaking, you definitely want to change this. 

The Benefits of Convexity 

Convexity is good for a variety of reasons. The pressure of the skin around this does provide enough tension to prevent the stool from undermining and then causing leaks and skin problems. It works well as well when the stoma isn’t protruding too much, or is flush to the skin, or is retracted and the mouth tips and then drains onto the sin itself. 

It also helps with skin folds, which can come about because of weight gain, loss, or other factors. When the convex pouch is put on, these follow the grooves of the skin, keeping a better seal, with less tension, and less leaks. It also helps those stomas that tend to sit downward move upwards, letting the stool drain directly onto your pouch, rather than hitting the edge of your flange and creating leaks. 

You can get a variety of products as well. There are barrier ring flanges which help with a convex flange, and you also can add an insert to your average flange. There is some variability in how this protrudes out, and this convexity also offers some depth to this, creating a custom experience. 

This is great because for so me people, it may cause problems over time, based on the types of issues that will be there. It can fix some big issues, or even some smaller issues, whether it’s producing skin creases, stomas, or even any issues with the skin folds too. They also have different products that fit a variety of problems, so if you know there are issues with adhesion, you do not have to live with this, and instead get a convex system for your needs. 

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